How To Build a Strong Prayer Life

What is your pray life looking like?

That is an important question, in this day and age that we live in. There are a million awful things occurring around us daily, and the question begs, how do we survive any of it, without a strong prayer life?!

We don’t.

Constant communication with the Lord is the only way to see our way through. But it’s not enough to be in constant communication with the Lord, what’s more important is to be in meaningful communication with the Lord. Building a strong prayer life to me, entails understanding that I am not just talking to the Lord, but that He is also talking back; and being present in mind to quiet myself enough to listen/feel for His words.

Personally, I am in a place in which I am trying my best to build a strong prayer life. Along the way, I’ve figured out some key factors that may help someone else on a similar path:

  1. Schedule your time with the Lord: We schedule everything else in life; classes, work, activities, and more. However, our most important daily appointment is with the Lord Himself. Honor that time you have scheduled for you and your Master, and protect it.
  2.  Timing is everything: My heart tends to be more full in the morning, my mind tends to be clear in the morning, and my inner peace tends to surface most in the a.m hours. Therefore, I try to schedule my time with the Lord around that time.
  3. Find your position:  I like most, have knelled to pray since I have been praying. I still do, but I also find peace in sitting and talking to the Lord with my arms extended out and turned up, ready to receive the Lords peace. That position, makes me feel like a well, ready to receive the flow of abundance.
  4. Clear your head by speaking the issues out loud: I like to think of prayer as a moment to release all my trash. So often we find it hard to pray because we have too much chatter going on in our minds. Speak to the Lord out loud about those issues, just so we can purge them from our minds, and come forth to the Lord with a clear mind. A cluttered mind will not hear the Lord. Therefore, release yourself of those thoughts, and put yourself in a position to hear with your heart the words of the Lord.
  5. Approach with a thankful heart. We all have problems. And a lot of times problems brings us to prayer. However, that doesn’t mean we must allow those problems to overshadow our willingness to be thankful and grateful for all things. Therefore, find time in your prayer life to extend a heartfelt thank you to your Father. There is always something to be thankful for.