Are You Chasing God; Or Running From The Devil?!

So here is a thought……

What is your inspiration in this journey of being a better, more complete person (aka a Christian)? Is it fear or freedom?

As for me, I’d like to believe that my inspiration is freedom. But it wasn’t always this way. Once I accepted Christ as my Savior, if I could be completely honest, not much changed. Sure my faith grew over time, because I learned to lay my burdens on the Lord, and allowed Him to carry my the burdens of my cross more often, rather than worrying myself to death.

But still, there wasn’t  some epic change in my heart or in my life.

Eventhough, I now had direct access to Jesus Christ himself, and access to the greatest book ever written, I was still being ruled by fear.

Fear of messing up the whole “Christian thing”, and backsliding into old bad habits. Fear of not being a “good enough Christian”. Fear of not being a “good” example to the world looking on at my Christian experience. Fear of not knowing enough bible scriptures or praise and worship songs ( Don’t act like yall never mothed the words to a song in church, knowing full and well, you don’t know that song!). Fear of not fitting in, within my church. Fear of people knowing my past, and judging me based on it.  Overall fear of being fraudulent and found out.

Looking back on those fears, I know now that it was nothing but the devil messing with my mind, and trying to keep me limited in my Christ experience. Because, my heart was pure and my actions were as close to a “good” Christian as you can get (aside from indulging in a little rachet TV). I’m more mature and seasoned now in this walk, and can look back at my younger more vulnerable self and see that instead of seeking God, what I was doing at that time was fleeing the devil.

If you have read some of my past post on this blog, you know I am not shy about my bouts of struggle within my Christian journey. However, what time and God has opened up my eye to  is that: Being a Christian should be a beautiful and liberating experience. It should be the freedom that releases us from the pain, disappointment and burdens of our past. Once we accept Christ as our savior, we should be proud to step into His grace, and the remnants of our past mistakes should no longer color our vision, or burden us with guilt or fear.

So often we focus on what we should not be engaging in as Christians that we neglect the works we have been called by the Lord to do. We shun ourselves from the very people/places that God wants us to lend our gifts, because we are so focused on trying to perfect Christianity.

The question becomes, are you chasing God or running from the devil.

Think of the mere image of running from someone/something. It’s freighting, and tiring. There is no rest and you’re so overcome by fear that you over exert yourself, and eventually burnout and that very thing or person claims victory by catching you.  It’s in the same vain that we may find ourselves running from the devil. We become so overcome by the fear of the devil that we keep looking back trying to make sure Satan is not gaining ground; and before we know it he has us.

Now imagine and adverse concept: the idea of chasing something/someone. There is no overwhelming fear, but rather just the right amount of excitement to keep us moving forward. The trill of the chase is exciting, fun, and invigorating.  And that’s exactly what our journey with the Lord should be like.

I don’t want my Christian journey here on earth to be limited to fear. I don’t want fear to be the fence that keeps inside the terms of my Christianity. Sure, we should all fear the LORD but even that fear should be loved based.

I accept the freedom that comes with chasing God. I am no longer a prisoner of my past. Or unwilling to explore life from a fun, exciting and energized perspective. One of the first thing we learn as Christians is to not be worldly. Well, I agree. However, I also encourage fellow Christians to embrace the beauty of earth, and remember: everything the sun touches is yours ( a little lion king humor)….enjoy it!

Be blessed, be encouraged.

Motivation Monday: When God is taking too long…..

God's Perfect Timing


What is a dream, but a promise from the Lord?

A great quote I read the other day sums up the human experience on dreaming so very keenly:

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” – The Alchemist

One of the most useful skills that the Lord equipped His children with, in  my opinion was the ability to look into our selves and formulate dreams, hopes and aspirations. All of which, if properly motivated, bring us closer to God. It is through our strong desires, the things that tug at our heartstrings that bring us closer to not only God, but also God’s promise.

After all, that is the point of it all isn’t it?

When I say get closer to God, I don’t mean that in the physical sense (although some may have that privilege), I however, am referring to that sweet spot in life, in which we are in alignment to our maker, and feel His presence and peace within us. That undeniable feeling that you’re doing exactly what you’re suppose to do, with this gift called life.

Yes, I believe that awesome feeling of fulfillment and utter contention is God manifested into our spirit.

Dreaming, hoping and aspiring in life is a direct lifeline of life itself. In times of doubt the hope of something better, can be a life saver. However, there is also that part of us that needs validation that our dreams are not just wishful thinking. We need answers, we need to see it. And fast.

What happens when we try to rush God’s hand? What happens when we try to get God on our timing instead of conforming and adjusting to His beautiful timing?

In summation, we fail.

There is no such thing as God taking too long. God’s timing is always perfect. The key is in what we do while in wait.  A dream planted in our hearts by the hand of the Lord, will never wither and die unless we are careless keepers of that dream. Being in constant communication with the Lord, through prayer and meditation, will ensure we are taking the right measures to realize our dreams and His promise. Also, having enough faith to know just as Abraham did that once a promise is spoken from the Lord, mountains will move (remember this) to see that promise come to light.

It doesn’t matter what stands in the way, all that matters is that God has undoubtedly already made a way!


Be blessed dreamers.