Monday Mood: #Forgive

Today I woke with a thought in my spirit. I figured I would share:

If you think it’s weak to forgive, you’ve obviously never forgave someone before.

The strength it takes to forgive someone who has wronged us, is unmeasurable. Not even time can measure it, because when the wound is deep enough, we find ourselves needing to renew that forgiveness time after time throughout our lives.

Forgiveness is medicine to our soul. It can heal wounds that we carry, but don’t even know we are burden by. Those wounds tend to resurface time and time again in our lives, until we are willing to fully dress them in the clothe of forgiveness.

Sometimes, the most important person we must forgive is ourselves. Often we will walk through adulthood, carrying the pain of wounds from childhood that we had no choice but to endure. And we tell ourselves things like “it wasn’t your fault”, or “you were a child”, but how often do we mean it. We tend to subconsciously attack ourselves and beat ourselves up and it shows in our behavior in every area of our lives.

Forgiveness has the power to make a broken person, whole again. The moment we turn on that switch of forgiveness, a light that had previously dimmed, reestablishes itself within us. We reclaim a subtle but definitive part of our innocence.

Forgiveness is a beautiful gift, to be given and received. Feel free to offer that gift of forgiveness today, or open to receive it.