Touching Tuesday: Love your sister, Love your brother!

God makes no mistake.

Every follicle on our heads was well thought out; every cell, well orchestrated. Equally as true, is that every relationship/friendship in our lives are purposeful. Your mother was chosen on purpose; your father was deliberately chosen just for you. The same for every sister, brother, cousin, aunty and uncle.

God never promised the ride would be easy, He only promised to never leaves us. Just the same, not every relationship, be it with a family member or peer, will be easy. Some people will bring out the worst in us. And guess what sometimes, that is their assignment. That fear of seeing ourselves, in such an unpleasant light will bring us to make the choice to distant ourselves from that person. However, is that God’s plan? Often, people are planted into our lives to help us grow. We must remember growth of any sort is not easy; in fact it’s painful. The growing pains are designed to help us become better versions of ourselves.

The key is to remember God makes no mistakes.

You may not like how a family member or friend treated you, but their existence in your life is necessary and serves a purpose. Don’t get so wrapped up in what they did, or how they did you wrong, that you miss the purpose for which they were planted into your life. A person, who you find it hard to communicate with, is there to transform you into a better communicator. A person who may have violated you, was placed in your life to expose you to a vulnerability that otherwise you may have never experienced, and therefore bring you closer to God.

God makes no mistakes.

So love your brothers, love your sister, love your mother, love your father. Despite their flaws and shortcomings, embrace them, because they are who God chose for you.

Remember, all God ask of us is that we give each other love!