Touching Tuesday: The Gift of Friendship


Do you know what it is to walk into a room and not know anyone?

Not even a single soul. It’s a pretty weird, and uncomfortable feeling. Now imagine going through life like that, with not a single friend.

Just alone.

Friends are necessary in life. Having someone to call a friend is a blessing. Being a friend to someone is a gift. We don’t realize how much we need a friend until we don’t have one. Family is great. However, sometimes you just desire someone who can relate to you, and not be necessarily “related to you”. The truth is sometimes family lets us down, and our friendships will be the saving grace we need in though times.

I desire to be a good friend.

Up until recently, I can honestly say I did not have much friends. I had my family, and my associates. I kept up a barrier between me and anyone that was not family of some sort. Perhaps, trust issues, or perhaps I wanted to keep this veneer front of perfection up. I didn’t want outsiders to come too close and see that my simple life was actually a hot mess. But then, my entire world turned upside down. I found myself, by myself. Sure I had my close family members. But at some point you don’t want to become a burden to your family. Then, I found myself in the presence of people willing to hear my story, and willing to be a shoulder to lean and cry on. That was something I was not used to. It was amazing. Like a self cleansing therapy. What’s more important, is that I knew those people were not judging me. They listened with a open heart. Looking back I don’t know where I would have been without the help of friends. The closer I let my friends in, the more I realized we all had our own common share of “mess” going on in our lives. I listened to their burdens, and was their shoulder in times of need. Because of that I now know more than ever that friendship is a give and take. Sometimes you will give love, and times you just have to be vulnerable enough to take the love.

Jesus had a few  friendships. However, one of my favorites is the one he had with Mary Magdalena. It was an uncommon friendship. However, we often find our best and deepest friendships in uncommon connections. The very thing that tends to separate us, is often the tread that keeps us connected.

I encourage anyone and everyone that is blessed enough to have a true friend, to hold on to that friendship. Be kind to that friendship, and be a server in that friendship. Nourish it and love on it to ensure it grows into a good tree that may enhance the garden that is your life.

Be blessed, be encouraged.

Touching Tuesday: Love your sister, Love your brother!

God makes no mistake.

Every follicle on our heads was well thought out; every cell, well orchestrated. Equally as true, is that every relationship/friendship in our lives are purposeful. Your mother was chosen on purpose; your father was deliberately chosen just for you. The same for every sister, brother, cousin, aunty and uncle.

God never promised the ride would be easy, He only promised to never leaves us. Just the same, not every relationship, be it with a family member or peer, will be easy. Some people will bring out the worst in us. And guess what sometimes, that is their assignment. That fear of seeing ourselves, in such an unpleasant light will bring us to make the choice to distant ourselves from that person. However, is that God’s plan? Often, people are planted into our lives to help us grow. We must remember growth of any sort is not easy; in fact it’s painful. The growing pains are designed to help us become better versions of ourselves.

The key is to remember God makes no mistakes.

You may not like how a family member or friend treated you, but their existence in your life is necessary and serves a purpose. Don’t get so wrapped up in what they did, or how they did you wrong, that you miss the purpose for which they were planted into your life. A person, who you find it hard to communicate with, is there to transform you into a better communicator. A person who may have violated you, was placed in your life to expose you to a vulnerability that otherwise you may have never experienced, and therefore bring you closer to God.

God makes no mistakes.

So love your brothers, love your sister, love your mother, love your father. Despite their flaws and shortcomings, embrace them, because they are who God chose for you.

Remember, all God ask of us is that we give each other love!

When Jesus Says ‘Yes’……

JnF :: Yes

A ‘Yes’ from God, is not the same as a ‘Yes’ from man.

When Jesus says ‘Yes’, mountains move to be in agreement. Seas part to be compliant. Man and all else falls in line, like it or not.

When Jesus says ‘Yes’ it is echoed into the past, present and the future- all at once.

No one can bend a ‘Yes’ from God to meet mans needs (try as we might). A ‘Yes’ from the Lord, will not renege, change it’s mind, or destination. Once spoken it will stand on it’s own, and all will either shift to it, or away from it.

One ‘Yes’ from God can denounce a million no’s from man, in a matter of seconds.

A ‘Yes’ from God is filled with definitive purpose and intention.

A ‘Yes’ from Jesus is not always an answered prayer. Sometimes an unanswered prayer is just as powerful and meaningful as an answered prayer. More to the point, a ‘Yes’ from Jesus, is not always the answer we go to the Lord for.

However, no matter our reluctance to obey the Lord’s ‘Yes’, remember His spoken word will sway the universe, and shift the atmosphere to suit His will.

I for one, often rely on good ole logic to steer me through life. However, God doesn’t always operate under logic. Sometime when God moves, He moves in a way that man can not explain away. He moves in a way that is not rationalized or marginalized within the limited parameters of the human conscience. This, I believe is to remove the guess work out of His work!

I have experienced a few painful ‘Yes’ from the Lord. My logic, my good sense, even my Christian sense, made me believe that His ‘Yes’, was surely a mistake. God is perfect, and makes no mistake. Personally, I have had to overcome and accept those hard “Yes” from the Lord.

When He takes a loved one too soon (in our eyes), or hardens a spouses heart against reconciliation in a marriage, or allows a disease to overcome a healthy body, those are the types of ‘ Yes’, we don’t look forward to receiving from God.

 However, what I have learned through accepting those though yes (albeit slowly, and sometime reluctantly) is that the Lord is in control of EVERYTHING. We may not always understand His reasoning. We may not even always agree with it, but we will bow to His “Yes”. Our lives will conform to His will.  

And if you give it some time; endure the excruciating pain of failure, lost, or whatever has defeated you, you will meet the promise: all things work together for the good of those that love God. (Romans 8:28)

I encourage anyone receiving a less than welcoming ‘Yes’ from the Lord to remember to love. Overcome the questions in your heart by loving yourself through the pain. Know also, that you were created by the creator of love!

With love, and blessings:)