How To Tap Into The Person God Created You To Be

As we mature into adulthood and grow older, that doesn’t always equate to growing wiser. The wisest people I know are in touch with not only themselves, but more importantly their creator. They love the Lord and seek Him diligently. They speak as though they know the Lord. Their words are not hasty, or rough. They are a conduit of the Lords work; He flows effortlessly through them into others.

There comes a point in most of our lives where we look into ourselves for a deeper understanding of self. However, to understand the creation, we must first know and understand the creator. What I have learned in my seeking journey, is that there is no knowing myself, without knowing the Lord. There is no having a purpose, without at least seeking to find out the reason behind the creation. God speaks to us every second of the day. He is speaking through our thoughts, through the people around us. He is speaking. However, are you listening?. It doesn’t matter how much God speak’s, until we are ready to receive His guidance, all His speaking will go unnoticed.

If you want to know the person God created you to be, ask God to show you. And when He does, pay attention. If you are finding it hard to listen to the Lord, or even speak to the Lord, grab a journal. Slow your thoughts down by writing them out to the Lord. Allowing yourself to write out your prayers/thoughts to the Lord, will put you in a quiet space to receive whatever He has to say back to you.

Try it. And tell me if it works for you.

Have a blessed day.

How To Harness Peace Amid Turmoil

Sometimes life can be over bearing. All that can go wrong, usually goes wrong all at once. It can be too much for any one person to take on.  It is in these times that we need Jesus the most. However, it is also at these times, that we may lose sight of our way and fall wayward. In the midst of turmoil there are some very specific, yet simple things that we can all do to ensure we hold on to our peace, despite the chaos

  1. Remember, this too shall past. Keep in mind, although you may feel like you’re facing a new thing,  this is not your first rodeo. You have gone through worst, and survived. What makes you think this is any different?
  2.  If He did it before, He’ll do it again. Same God right now, same God back then!! God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. His ability does not shrink, or lessen. Therefore, the mountain you face is no more complicated a task for Him than any other thing you have experienced.
  3.  God is not a one time trick pony show. He is the beginning, the middle and the end. He has the power to turn our unfortunate circumstances into a blessing in a matter of seconds.
  4.  Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Scripture never lies. Worrying ourselves sick through the night is never going to bring resolve or peace to our circumstances. So rest, quiet your thoughts, and reawaken with a renewed spirit and energy.
  5.  There is no testimony without a test. Know this, you are not going through this season for no reason! There is a greater purpose that will be realized. You just gotta make it thru the storm. Just remember when you see yourself to the other side, share your story, as a reminder to others in the thick of their own storm.
  6.  Embrace the mess. Our trials and tribulations teach us more than our victories and triumphs do. We rarely recall the win, but always recall the feeling of failure. There a reason for that. Those failures are bookmarks of our lives of a time when we had growing pains!
  7.  Mediate on your mission. Mediation is a relaxing mental exercise. Purging the thoughts that afflict us during meditation can bring light to our dark situation.
  8.  Have Godfidence. Know you serve a mighty God. Don’t limit Him based on your limited faith, or wavering self confidence to overcome your issues. Your hands may be tied, you may be down to your last, you may not have a fight left, but remember- God is still GOD!!!
  9.  Hold on to your joy. I believe nothing gives the Lord more joy, than to see us smiling, and being kind to our fellow man, despite what we may be facing.
  10.  Pray and  Be still.  When you have done all you can do to fix it, prayed all you can pray, just sit, be still and wait on the Lord.